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SPY 500hours micro Voice recorder 16GB

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DKK 695.00 inkl. moms

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SPY 500hours micro Voice recorder Dictaphone

pen audio sound mini activated

digital professional flash drive



Multi-function voice recorder

Easy to use

HD recording

Magnetic adsorption

Long time recording

One-click recording

Sound Activated Recording

128G expansion

Built-in cache

Encrypt documents

No sound/No light

Long-distance noise reduction

Mobile phone OTG

Save files automatically when power is lost

Breakthrough design, long time recording

It is a good voice recorder without cumbersome charging.

Built-in high-capacity polymer safety lithium battery and AI intelligent

power management system, reducing recording power consumption,

about 500 hours of long recording time to you’re your needs.

Large capacity safe lithium battery

About 500 hours of long recording

AI intelligent power management

Button upgrade, intelligent control

One-click recording to prevent operational errors

Independent recording button, independent sound activated recording

button, to avoid cumbersome operations.

Lossless sound quality

384KBPS recording, clear and natural, reduce distortion, strong explosive power,

can finely process weak sounds, restore the real scene, meet your sound quality



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