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AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit 3m

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AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit 3m

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AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit

Pinhole lens for

extremely discreet surveillance 3m

AXIS F1025 is ideal for extremely discreet indoor surveillance applications, such

as in ATMs, stores and elevators. It canbe installed in tight places and flush-mounted

in a wall, ceiling or metal panel with only a pinhole visible for the lens.For use with

an AXIS F Main Unit, AXIS F1025 provides a 1080p resolution and a wide 92º horizontal

field of view. AXISF1025 also supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture,

ideal for scenes with very bright and dark areas.The unit comes with a 3- or

12-m (10/39 ft.) pre-mounted cable for connection to a main unit. A straight

mountingbracket is included.

> Flexible, extremely discreet design for indoor use

> Pinhole lens with 1080p resolution

> Wide 92º horizontal field of view

> WDR – Forensic Capture (with AXIS F41/F44 Main Unit)

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