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Surveillance Camera HD Smart Mini DV USB Camera 16GB

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Surveillance Camera HD

Smart Mini DV USB Camera



Alarm: When an moving object is detected within the camera's recording range, 

the camera will start recording and send an alert to APP on mobile. 

 Micro SD Card Storage: When microSD card is inserted, the camera will 

automatically store surveillance video. An 8G microSD card can store up to 2 days 

recording, an 128G microSD card can store up to one month of recording. 

Loop Recording: When the memory is full, the latest video recording will overwrite 

the earliest video recordings.


 AI Human Detection: Only alarm when there is human activity, making it more precise! 

(Reduce the nuisance alarms caused by the wind, glass or animal, AI Human Detection 

service are provided and charged by third party ) 

How to Play the Video: The recordings saved on microSD card can be watched on 

computer with a card reader 




    Pixel: 1200 Mega CMOS 

    Look Resolution Ratio: 4K/1080P/720P 

    Video Format: AVI 

    Frame Number: 25 

    Visual Angle: 160 degree 

    Motion Detection Camera Shooting: Straight line 5-10 meters 

    Minimal Illumination: 1LUX 

    Battery Capacity: No built-in battery 

    Video Duration: plug and play ,24hours long time working 

    Compressed Format: H.264 

    Recording Range: 5 

    Consumption: 240MA/3.7V 

    Storage Temperature: -20-80 degree centigrade 

    Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree centigrade 

    Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH 

    Memory Card Type: TF card 

    Maximum Capacity of Memory Card:128GB (memory card don't included) 

    Player Software: VLC Player/SM Player 

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