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Wi-Fi camera in the lamp 16GB

WiFi Spy Light camera 16GB

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Wi-Fi camera in the lamp



This invisible wireless Wifi camera is ideal for the safety of your home and

also serves as a babysitter for your children. The Wi-Fi camera is hidden in the

LED light, the intensity of which you can adjust yourself. The mini lamp has an

HD 1080P image and is equipped with a 1.0 megapixel CMOS lens with great

image quality. The recording is stored on a micro SD memory card max. 128 GB

(not included). The Wi-Fi camera in the mini lamp is controlled by an application

that is free to download for iOS and Android. All your device settings are done

using the mobile app. The big advantage is the possibility of power supply directly

from the electrical socket, ensuring continuous monitoring of your office or home.

recording. The camera has motion detection and cyclic recording capability so it

can record for several days.

Technical Specifications:

Lens: 1.0 mega pixel CMOS lens

Video resolution: 1280*720

Video format: AVI

Frames per second: 15 fps

Lens angle: 120°

Micro SD card support: up to 128 GB

PC operating system: Windows

Mobile operating system: Android/iOS

Dimensions: 4.1*4.1*7 cm

Weight: 0,26 kg

Package contents:

1 x Wi-Fi camera in the mini lamp

1 x USB charger cable

1 x Power adapter

1 x RESET clip

1 x User manual

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