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High Quality GPS Magnet Anti Alarm Spy Camera Hidden Hunter

 High Quality GPS Magnet Anti Alarm Spy Camera Hidden Hunter

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HERO 009

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 High Quality GPS Magnet Anti Alarm Spy Camera Hidden Hunter 



The Vprotech Hero 009 Is A New Class Of Counter Surveillance Device. Unlike All Typical Searching Devices It Can

Detect Modern 'Hidden' Bugs Which Use Such Protocols As Bluetooth And Wi-Fi At A Long Distance. Such Bugs,

Especially Bluetooth Types, Are Practically Undetectable By Common RF Detectors Due To Their Very Low Transmitted

Power And Special Type Of Modulation. The Vprotech Uses A Separate Channel With A High, (2.44/5.39 GНz)

Frequency Pre-Selector To Detect And Locate Bluetooth And Wi-Fi With A Much Higher Sensitivity. The Unit Also

Then Processes The Demodulated Signal In Order To Identify Which Protocol Has Been Detected. In Addition

The Unit Can Detect All 'Classical' Bugs And Inspect Them For The Presence Of Correlation By Sending Sound

Impulses As Well As Other Digital Transmissions At A Standard Distance (GSM, 3G, 4G , 5G DECT, Etc.)

The Unit Which You Have Selected Is Not A Slightly Improved Version Of The Old Device, But A Completely New,

Revolutionarily Changed Sweeping Tool.


1. Wide-Band Antenna (For ANT1 Socket) Wider Coverage, Particularly At Lower Frequencies, Has Made It Possible

To Increase The Detection Distance Of A Conventional VHF/UHF Bug , While Saving Perfect Sensitivity At The Higher Bands (GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Etc.)

2. Antenna (For ANT2 Socket) When An Affordable RF Detector Gets The Microwave Logperiodic Directed Antenna

Supplied In The Standard Set. 2-4 Times Longer Distance To All Sources Above 2GHz (Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi 5GHz,

Bluetooth, Wi-Max, LTE High, Etc.). The Directionality Provides Easy Pinpointing Of A Wireless Source. You Not Only

Know That There Is A Wi-Fi Source, But Can Quickly Pinpoint It.

3. Magnetic Field Signal Detection,Install The Magnetic Probe,Turn On The Power, Press The Strong Magnetic

Detection Switch, The Purple Indicator On The Top Of The Magnetic Prob After The Light Is On,Enter The

Magnetic Field Signal Detection Standby,And The Magnetic Field Induction Probe Is Close To The Magnetic

Field Source, Before The White LED Of The The Terminal LED Light Up And The Buzzer Alarm.

Frequency Range: 50MHz-5.4GHz

Detect dynamic range: -50dBm-10dBm

Detection Sensivity: <0.03mw

Detect Range: 1.2G Hz wireless camera: 36m2, 

1.2GHz Wireless Camera Range: 25m2

Cellphone Signal 2G,3G,4G: 5--25 ㎡

Magnetic Detection Sensitivity: 50mm--150mm

Indicating Method: 20 Level LED Luminous Indicator /Variation Sound Indication

Power: Bulit-In 3.7V1500mAHlithium Polymer Battery

Working Current: 25-35mA Last Time:20-45H

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