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Detector 3 Antenna Anti Spy RF CDMA Signal Finder

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G618 Detector 3 Antenna Anti Spy RF CDMA Signal Finder

For GSM Bug GPS Tracker Wireless Hidden Camera



Color: Gold

Material: ABS

Frequency-Range: 1MHz ‐ 8000MHz

Detect dynamic-range: > 73db

Detection Sensitivity: <0.03mw

Detect Rage: 1.2GHz

-wireless camera: 10㎡, 2.4GHz

-wireless camera: 15㎡ (transmitter:10mw)

Magnetic: 10~20mm

Pinhole-camera lens: 10~20 meters

FOR-Mobile: 2G,3G,4G 10㎡

Battery: 3.7V 1000MAH

Working current: 60mA

Working time: 8‐12 hours

Weight: 120g

Size: Approx.20.6*5.4*2cm/8.11*2.12*0.78"



- 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera can be detected.

- Professional radio wave-detection device with high sensitivity, adjustable threshold and wide detection frequency-range.

- Only power-switch + sensitivity knob, simple operation, easy to use, sound and light alarm indication, accurate and reliable.

- The magnitude control of electrical radiation source can protect you and your family from electromagnetic radiation damage.

- With high sensitivity,locate the source of signal more rapidly with wireless signal strength indicator.

- This product takes the lead in adopting the digital receiving mode, which is different from all products in the market. It not only broadens the frequency domain of control and measurement, but also effectively avoids the interference of cluttered signals everywhere in life and greatly improves the sensitivity.

- Aiming at various kinds of eavesdroppers, car trackers, mobile-phone undercover software, casino fraud devices and other products, and directionally developed security and defense-instruments.


1. The Company's Top Conference Prevents-Hidden-Devices From Leaking Secrets.

2. Whether the mobile-phone is eavesdropped or abnormal (standby is to send out signals without reason).

3. Check Hotel bathrooms, hotels, entertainment places, dressing rooms, government organs, etc.

4. Business Negotiation, Inspection of Schools, Workshops, Facilities.


—Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color

maybe slightly different from the pictures. Please understand.

—Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual.


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