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Car rear view camera with one parking 480TVL

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Car rear view camera with one parking sensor 

480TVL OEM-9818

Product description:

parking sensor car rear view parking camera car camera waterproof night vision

small mini hidden reverse cameracar rear view camera with one parking sensor OEM-9818


1. The Integrated system consists of parking radar(ultrasonic sensors), night

vision rear view camera and buzzer. 

2. Automatically trigger to display rear (image) view when reversing gear is engaged .

Showing the exact distance on the monitor from 0.3 meter to 1.5meters at the same time

with buzzer warning. Help reverse parking much more safely. 

Specifications of parking sensor

Working Voltage                        12V DC±20%

Current Consumption                  20mAh ~ 60mAh

Sensor Installation Height           45 ~ 60cm

Detecting Distance                     0.3 ~ 2.0m

Ultrasonic Frequency                  40kHz

Working Temperature                  -20 ~ +65

Beep Volume                              =48dB

Specifications of camera 

TV System                                   PAL

Image Sensor                               1/4" Color

Effective Pixels                             628*582

Resolution                                    480 TV Lines

Working Voltage                           12V DC±20%

Current consumption                     80mA

Min. Illumination                           0.02lux

Lens Angle                                  170 degree

Video Output                                1.0Vp-p/75 ohms

Installation guide:

1. Disconnect your vehicle's battery.

2. Find a suitable place in car to place the monitor.

3. Connect the monitor power with +12V DC ACC power supply.

4. Find a suitable place on car rear to fix the rear sensor camera.

5. Connect the rear camera power with the +12V DC reverse lamp power.

6. Connect the rear camera video output with the monitor’s rear view video input.

7. Connect the monitor back up trigger wire with the reverse trigger (Optional).

8. Reconnect the vehicle’s battery and test the system.


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